Business Days FIDIC: Egis shared its experience in Ukraine

On 24-25th of May FIDIC Business Days event titled "New rules in infrastructure construction» held in Kyiv supported by the Parliamentary Committee on Transport.

       Today in Ukraine the use of FIDIC* conditions of contract is mandatory only for the projects with foreign investment and IFI projects. However, from 2018  these standards should be applied to the majority of the infrastructure projects such as roads, river and sea ports construction as well as all capital repair and reconstruction of infrastructure facilities financed by the state budget.

       That is why FIDIC contracts related topic is of great interest from the side of governmental organizations and commercial enterprises and gathers large audiences during any event dedicated to it. (This year the FIDIC Days brought together representatives of the Government of Ukraine, law firms specializing in construction and real estate, engineering and construction companies as well).

       Taking into account the considerable experience of Egis in the application of FIDIC standards in Ukraine our expert Maxim Molchan was invited to make training during the work session of this event.  He presented the vide range of examples how the European standards have been integrated to the local procedures in the preparation of contracts, organization of the tenders, during the technical supervision of works in the recently finished project in the field of urban transport in Lviv.


*FIDIC (acronym from french Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils) - is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, and at the same time, the international comprehensive system of standard contract forms aiming to settle relations among all participants of the investment and construction activity, which regulates the works, quality assurance, suppliers of equipment and materials.