Egis representatives visited Zaporizhia region to start a prospective partnership

On December 6, during the visit of French business mission to Zaporizhia, a meeting was held with the French Embassy representatives in Ukraine, French business and the leaders of Zaporizhia region and representatives of government agencies.

From the side of France, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Isabelle Dumont, the French Ambassador to Ukraine, with Vincent Pringault, the Head of Economic section at the Embassy of France in Ukraine, and Thomas Moreau, the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Franco-Ukrainienne (CCIFU), and representatives of French companies already operating in the region or just planning to start cooperation.

The meeting agenda included issues of prospective directions for cooperation in economic, social and environmental areas such as modernization of infrastructure, specifically urban utilities, development of urban transport system, traffic updates, and development of port infrastructure, modernization of the resort area (particularly important project for the region is water supply to the city of Kyrylivka), mitigation of the effects of ragweed, which leads to high levels of allergic diseases.

Following the meeting results during an economic roundtable in CCI Zaporizhia, Taras Mazyar, Deputy director for business development at Egis Ukraina said that such measures are extremely useful to get acquainted with the current situation and long-term plans for the region, provide the opportunity to present qualifications of the company and current projects, and also see prospective project list of the city and region, and expressed clear intentions for further dialogue and cooperation.

Mrs. Isabelle Dumont, the Ambassador of France, also expressed her opinion on cooperation and highlighted that "it is very important for France to support Ukraine not only by political means but also in business."