Egis starts a feasibility study for the waste management of the City of Lviv, western Ukraine.

On March 17, in Lviv, in the presence of the French Ambassador in Ukraine, Egis and the Mayor of Lviv signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of a FASEP project (a grant from the French Ministry of Finance).

The project consists in preparing a feasibility study and tender documents for valorisation and elimination solutions of the city waste, especially for the rehabilitation of the existing landfill, which is the largest one in western Ukraine, and the construction of a new waste treatment plant.

After the tragic death of four firefighters caused by a waste slide during the fire extinction in May 2016, the landfill of the city of Lviv was closed. Since this event, the city has been sending its waste to other landfills in the country, near or far, and is facing many difficulties in negotiating with local communities to accept this waste surplus. Thus, the resolution of the problem of waste in Lviv has become the priority of the municipality which, supported by the Ukrainian government, has approached France to obtain a grant from the Ministry of Finance (FASEP) and finance the required studies.

Within the framework of the FASEP, Egis will perform the following tasks:

  • Assist the municipal authority of Lviv with the studies required to develop a project for the provision of modern solid waste management (SWM) infrastructure to European standards
  • Assess the municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in Lviv and, thus, the needs in terms of MSW recovery, treatment and disposal facilities
  • Develop the design of the treatment and disposal facilities to a level suitable for launching a performance based, design-build-operate tender process   

The Ukrainian government and the city of Lviv are in the validation process of the necessary funding for the rehabilitation and construction work, with various European and international donors. The Egis Consultancy Service will be integrated to the whole project with the purpose that donors could validate the tender documents prepared under the FASEP and finance the subsequent phases of the project.

It is the first FASEP for Egis in the waste sector and the first contract for Egis in the waste sector in Ukraine. The study will also be used as a pilot project for many other Ukrainian municipalities with similar problems to the city of Lviv and reinforce the presence of the Egis Group in the country.


Duration of the project: 9 months (April - December 2017)

Amount of Consultancy Services: EUR 659 050