Egis was awarded a new road design contract in Ukraine

On 1 December Egis has signed a new contract for Consulting services for developing of design documentation for repair and maintenance of the M-03 Road Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky on section km 41+311 – km 191+400.

M-03 road is a road in central Ukraine, a link between Kyiv, the capital city and the cities of Poltava and Kharkiv. The road is a part of E 40 European route (Calais – Brussels – Krakow – Kyiv – Volgograd – Tashkent – Alma-Ata – Ridder). Total length of the section to design is 150,1 km. The project is funded by the World Bank, and the objective of the consultancy services is to prepare cost estimate and bidding documents for rehabilitation and improvement works on the project, dedicated to be further operated as a performance-based contract.

Taking advantage of 20 years of presence, Egis continues to expand its operation in Ukraine, supporting modernization of road network, most of which is in urgent need of rehabilitation. Alongside with road supervision, traffic management and road safety projects, Egis is now starting road design activities in Ukraine.

OPRC, or a performance-based contract is a new type of contract that the Ukrainian Government wants to introduce in order to involve private companies into road maintenance. Egis is already implementing a pilot OPRC management contract in the western part of the country (M06). Capitalizing on this experience, our team in Ukraine, backed by experienced international experts, has the capacity to deliver a good quality design for the identified section of the M03 Motorway.

Ukraine struggles to involve private financing to construction and maintenance of motorways, also applying hybrid forms of partnership, and OPRC is seen as one of such forms. Performance-based road maintenance projects are new to Ukraine, but can be quite effective since they create new incentives for technical innovation and higher efficiency.

With this new success, Egis is reinforcing its presence in the road sector in Ukraine, and starts assembling a strong design team for the major road projects to come.

Briefly about the project

Total length of the section to design is 150,1 km long section, a part of E 40 European route (Calais – Brussels – Krakow – Kyiv – Volgograd – Tashkent – Alma-Ata – Ridder).  It starts from Boryspil and ends at the beginning of Lubny, running through Kyiv and Poltava Regions. The road section is a dual carriageway, and has approximately 15 bridges and overpasses and 18 culverts.

Scope of services provided by Egis will include: (1) carry out preliminary design of rehabilitation and repairs activities required (pavement, bridges, drainage system road lighting, signs and markings etc.), (2) identify and design road safety related measures to eliminate or reduce the causes of accidents and to improve road safety during the course of performance-based contracts, (3) prepare the detailed design and bidding documents, including drawings, specifications and BoQs for OPRC bidding.