Mr. Nicolas JACHIET, Chairman and CEO of Egis, has been appointed President of the Business Council France-Ukraine of MEDEF International

On the 23d of June, Mr. Nicolas JACHIET, Chairman and CEO of Egis, has accepted the invitation of MEDEF International to chair the Business Council France-Ukraine. He replaces Mr. Charles BEIGBEIDER, President of Gravitation, whose mandate is expiring.

       Mr. Nicolas JACHIET is the Chairman and CEO of Egis and member of the Board of Directors of the Caisse des Dépôts Group since 2005. Mr. JACHIET joined the Egis Group in 2002, after executive positions at Danone and a career in the French Treasury  and in the Ministry of Economy.

       MEDEF International is representing the French business abroad, and has been active in Ukraine since the country’s independence, in 1991. As part of its activities, MEDEF International regularly receives the Heads of State and Government, Ministries and Ukrainian decision-makers - both public and private, thus becoming the privileged and recognized partner of the French companies which are interested in to develop in Ukraine.


       This decision is a sign of the importance of Ukraine for Egis, a country where the Group opened a subsidiary 20 years ago and where the Group is actively developing its activities in the various infrastructure sectors.