Airports and air navigation

Egis Group holds a leading role in air transport management and navigation.

Being a leading engineering company in air traffic management in France, Egis offers to its clients comprehensive services in the field of air transport safety and security, including the airport and air traffic control infrastructure. Currently, Egis operations in Ukraine cover:

  • compliance with / integration of international standards and regulation (ICAO),
  • audit / assessment of SMS (Safety Management System) and SQMS (Security Quality Management System),
  • airport system and equipment definitions, technical specifications.

Owing to its extensive experience with international and local air carriers, Egis understands that the issue of air traffic management is of prior importance to Ukraine. In this aspect Egis managed to establish a long-term cooperation with the State Aviation Service of Ukraine regarding the enhanced training of Ukrainian operational air traffic control and general management staff.

Egis expects that within the next 10 years, as it is envisaged by the State airport development program, the Government of Ukraine will ensure a wider involvement of private investments into airport operations under the PPP framework, which is, however, limited now to the operation of airport terminals under the leasing arrangements.

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