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     Egis is a highly qualified engineering group delivering an exceptional due diligence services to public and private sectors.

     Prior to start any project Egis uses to undertake a standard assessment procedure, which helps to identify key shortcomings in technical, operational, financial and institutional aspects. Technical audits usually cover assets inventory, visual and/or instrumental inspections, energy consumption and other specific issues, which serve the experts as a basis to identify the clients` capital investment needs and prioritize them in time. Our experts have a solid background with international and local technical standards and apply them for the purpose of inspecting road, water supply and sewage, district heating, industrial, as well as other public/municipal and private assets.

     To understand the existing maintenance practices and improve the operational efficiency Egis holds operational audits of its clients. For this purpose our experts need to scrutinize the internal documentation and procedures (instructions, guidelines, manuals, etc.) of the clients. In this particular aspect, the group has accumulated a significant experience in the domain of airport operations, public transport and roads, utilities and so on.

     The financial audits, if undertaken by Egis, usually go far beyond IFRS accounting and focus more on revenue generation, cost reduction and liquidity improvement measures. The group seeks explaining and proposing its clients existing options and possibilities to optimize their production structure, evolve the pricing/tariff policy, but also secure a better financial standing in short- and medium-term.

     The institutional/organizational audits are conducted in exceptional cases, only if our clients seek a strategic advice. Being a leading engineering group in Europe and abroad, Egis uses to communicate with its clients on development trends (technologies, materials, design and engineering solutions, etc.), helps to identify external and internal risks and mitigate them in the future.

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