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Egis shares its experience in managing public utility companies to ensure their sustainable management and the delivery of public services.

Understanding the existing constraints associated with the service affordability and that of public debt, Egis assists public companies to improve their commercial standing and service delivery. To reach this objective our experts:

  • carry out audit programs. The audit programs usually cover review and inventory of company`s equipment and assets, but also their management practices that are linked to the organizational and institutional matters,
  • assess the priority measures. The priority development programs use to encompass operational and maintenance strategies, approaches to tariff policies, revenue collection measures and so on,
  • design the mid- and long-term development plans. Normally, it covers the corporate development plans, but also the long-term investment programs that are based on financial model simulations and cost-benefit analysis.

Based on the scope of a particular corporate development assignment our experts shall propose their clients the needed improvements in organization and corporate structures, decision making principles, internal documents (company statues, bylaws).