A significant scope of Egis services in Ukraine concerns the institutional support to energy sector, through which the group manages to address the issues of energy market organization, regulation and reforms. Egis used to contribute to Fuel Gap and the evaluation of INOGATE program, thereby facing strategic challenges exhibited by the energy dependence of Ukraine. Besides of this, understanding the importance of energy saving and efficiency, Egis continues contributing to capacity building and strengthening the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine in terms of preparing and monitoring the implementation of national and sectoral policies in Ukraine.

Owing to its knowledge and experience in public utilities management, Egis assists in improving the management of district heating companies in Ukraine. In this domain Egis offers its services in technical audits and assessments, inventory and asset management programs, investment planning (priority, mid- and long-term plans), tariff structuring, public transparency and grievance management, etc. At this level the group seeks at ensuring the operational effectiveness, financial management, as well as effective use of energy and other resources. On top of this, Egis provides support to its clients in establishing PIUs and provides them procurement assistance for IFI-funded initiatives.

Whenever plausible, Egis seeks to promote the private-public partnership and assist the interested stakeholders to assess its technical and financial feasibility, but also to understand the existing legal and regulatory limitations.

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