Urban transport

The ever-growing urbanization rate challenges the carrying capacity of urban transport systems, which require a comprehensive approach to urban planning. In this respect, Egis possesses a unique mix of experience in urban transport planning and management.

The scope of Egis activities in Ukraine covers the urban roads and public transport, traffic management and urban planning. In its work Egis seeks promoting sustainable public transport solutions, thereby giving a priority to electric transport and rapid transit systems. Our experts assist in design review, public procurement, support the municipal transport companies in PIU establishment and administration of IFI-funded contracts in Kyiv, Lviv and Dniepropetrovsk, but also provide works supervision services for urban roads rehabilitation in Lviv.

Besides the rolling stock and urban roads renovation, the traffic control and management systems gain more importance for urban development in Ukraine. In this respect Egis supports Kyiv municipalities in identifying ITS-based traffic management solutions (automated speed control, variable message signage, traffic sensors, etc.) and transport corridors for their installation.

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