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     Egis is a reliable partner at the stage of construction and commissioning for any civil engineering building or structure.

     The group has a well-established quality management system (QMS), which is proved to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

     In Ukraine Egis provides its works supervision services, as a FIDIC Engineer, mainly, for IFI-funded projects in road sector. All our local engineers hold mandatory state certificates for works supervision and follow QMS requirements of Egis (`Egis Book`). During the last years our engineers were involved in the rehabilitation of several sections on M06 Kyiv-Chop and M03 Kyiv-Dovzhanskiy roads, but also monitored the rehabilitation of urban roads in Lviv. On top of this Egis obtained a new contract for piloting OPRC system in Ukraine and will supervise the maintenance of M06 road section in Lviv oblast.

     Very recently, Egis started to work as an Engineer for Lviv District Heating project. Within its frames our engineers supervise the transfer from block heating system and the installation of 200 individual heating plants.

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