Biogas production project will be implemented by Egis for the municipal waste water utility Lvivvodokanal

On 13 July, the kick-off meeting was held in Lviv in order to launch the works of new biogas production project for the wastewater treatment plant.

Egis will provide technical assistance including all aspects of procurement, contract administration, engineering supervision and disbursement. The total cost of the construction project is estimated to be EUR 31.5 mln, including EUR 20 mln provided as a loan from the EBRD and NEFCO.

The Client, Lvivvodokanal company, is the major municipal utility which operates a 1,000-km network of water supply systems and water treatment facilities and provides services to over 1 million residential and industrial customers. The two WWTPs were constructed in the 1960-70s, and the equipment is old and worn out. As a result, the cost of water and wastewater services for population of the biggest city in the Western Ukraine is increasing, outpacing income growth, while the quality of services is deteriorating.

The scope of works projected for three-year contract consists of construction of a new biogas cogeneration facility, upgrade and rehabilitation of grit chambers at the existing WWTP and installation of the chemical precipitation plant. Modernization is expected to enable Client`s Company to achieve significant energy savings and will also lead to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to approximately 128,600 tons of CO2. Moreover, the application of new technology will allow to reduce the volume of sludge thus improving the quality of wastewater going through the EU (especially Poland to the Baltic Sea basin).

“This project is historic not only for the city but for the entire Ukraine. This first plant is a pilot project, and after its implementation the investors would develop more projects to repeat this experience in other cities of the country”, said Sevki Acuner, EBRD director in Ukraine.