A biogas station will be built in Lviv for 31.5 million euros. Egis experts provided support and engineering supervision to the project

On December 4, 2020, the largest contract in the history of Lvivvodokanal was signed for the production of biogas from municipal sewage sludge, a project in the amount of 31,500,000 Euro. The project funded by the EBRD (15 million euros), NEFCO (5 million euros), the E5P (7,500,000 euros grants), and the Lviv City Council (4 million euros).

Egis provided implementation support and engineering supervision to the project under the contract with Lvivvodokanal dated July 11, 2017.

The project provides for the collection of sewage sludge, the fermentation process - the release of biogas in digesters. After purification, gas from the methane tank is used in gas generators (cogeneration units), which will produce electricity in the amount of ~ 20 thousand MW / year and heat. Electricity will mainly be used for the operation of equipment for treatment facilities, and heat for heating a mixture of sludge and sludge in digesters, heating in the cold season, and year-round hot water supply of buildings on the territory of treatment facilities.

In the terms of the contract, the EBRD international tender winner company (a consortium of companies from Slovenia and Norway: Riko d.o.o. – CAMBI) is going to build a plant for the production of electricity and cogeneration till June 2023. This will allow at least half of the electricity to be supplied to the treatment facilities themselves.

The Egis team is proud to be part of the project and welcomes Lviv with the signing of the contract!