Business trip to Poltava office - Implement and improve the PMS procedure

From October 10 till October 12, a team of managers from head office in Kyiv , headed by the director, made a business trip to Poltava office.

     It was not accidental that Poltava was chosen because the project Mo3 (technical supervision over the reconstruction of the Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansk road) was recently launched. Therefore, it was interesting and useful for the managers of the Kyiv office to observe the real project, visit the project office, go directly to the reconstruction sites, talk with engineers in order to exchange experience and better understanding of the implementation processes of large-scale engineering projects.
     The main purpose of the trip was to meet local project team, visit construction site and finally, introduce the PMS-Performance management system developed in order to ensures that the goals set by Egis group are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

     Each manager of his unit developed business procedures based on the best practices of the Egis group and numerous regulatory documents. We know that this system will improve the quality of business process management in the middle of the company.

     We are pleased that the entire trip was accompanied by a wonderful working atmosphere. This, in our opinion, is most important for strengthening the team spirit!