Egis and Wood have been awarded with the Climate Change Risks Contract in Ukraine

"Analysis of Climate Change Risks to Critical Transport Infrastructure Networks in Ukraine" is the project on which Egis Ukraina in the Consortium with Wood (UK, leader) will work together starting from 2020.


The technical assistance support is aimed to assessing of climate change risks and vulnerabilities in the transport sector in Ukraine and in developing a high-level framework identifying appropriate investment projects and / or measures that could be considered for integration into EBRD transport investments to strengthen climate resilience.

Egis experts will analyze existing evidence of changing weather patterns, together with the forecasted effects of climate change based on climate scenarios, and assess the impact on critical transport infrastructure. This includes road, rail, ports, airports, and inland navigation transport modes and the interconnectivity between those modes. The assessment will cover not only the infrastructure assets but also the flows of people and goods on the network in order to present a complete picture of the functionality and criticality of the transport network in Ukraine and its vulnerabilities to current climate variability and future climate change.

The Consultant will also identify critical areas of focus, defining appropriate interventions, identifying high-level investment requirements and potential institutional and organizational arrangements needed to reduce climate risks, mitigate the effects of climate change and maximize the economic return for the economy and society in Ukraine.