Egis Eau starts a new contract in Uzbekistan to supervise the rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructures

In October 2016 a new contract for the design review and work supervision of the Reconstruction of pumping stations Navoi and Uchkara, a project co-financed by the French Government (RPE, Réserve pour Pays Emergents) was signed by Egis Eau.

Uzbekistan is well known for its cotton, fruit & vegetables production as well as for a very dry and a hot climate. Thus, famous in Soviet times statement ”water is life” is still pivotal for the country. In the last 20 years government has attracted many foreign investments to the development of water-saving irrigation technologies. Therefore, the modernization of irrigation infrastructure remains among the top priorities.

From 2008 to 2015, Egis Eau has provided Engineering services for the modernization of the irrigation infrastructure in various regions of Uzbekistan, on an ADB-financed project (Land Improvement Project). Proof of the professionalism of our experts, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management awarded a new contract to Egis Eau in March 2016, for the technical supervision of the reconstruction of two pumping stations, a consultancy service contract financed by the Loan of the French Treasury.

The objectives of the project "Rehabilitation of Navoi and Uchkara pumping stations” are to provide a guaranteed supply of water for irrigation to prevent loss of products and income and to create long-term stable conditions for the development of irrigated agriculture. The initial phase of the project (Feasibility Study, Bidding documents) has been financed by a FASEP; A loan of the French Treasury (RPE) is financing the equipment (supply and installation contract currently implemented by the French Company Feljas & Masson) and the engineering services (design review and works supervision), for a total amount of €15 Million. The civil works are financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

According to the contract for consulting services, Egis Eau provides technical supervision of replacement of twelve main pump units in Navoi Pumping Station (20.75 m3/s), seven main pump unit in Uchkara Pumping Station (5,6 m3/s) , auxiliary hydraulic mechanical and electrical equipment, control and protection systems as well as the repair and restoration of buildings and structures at the site, and replacement of thetransmission pipes. Estimated irrigated area is extended to 22 000 ha and supplies around 70 thousand people.

With considerable experience in water projects worldwide Egis EAU as a consultant will contribute to the further implementation of principles regarding the management of integrated water resources, advanced water-saving technologies and automated monitoring in the country.