Egis feasibility study on SWM in Ukraine received financing for its implementation

On June 1, in Kyiv Lviv city Mayor and EBRD representatives signed the agreement on providing Lviv with 35 million Euros for the implementation of a solid waste management project developed by Egis.

The city will allocate these funds for construction of the first Ukrainian solid waste processing plant, as well as for rehabilitation of the existing Hrybovychi landfill, one of the largest landfills in Ukraine. The city will also introduce better approaches to recycling and waste management.

As Mayor Andriy Sadovyi noted during the agreement signing, the works on the construction are going to start this year.

     It is worth a mention, that Egis team has been working on the development of the integrated SWM strategy for the city of Lviv, supported by the French government, since March 2018.  Throughout this time our experts-engineers worked in close cooperation with EBRD on the development of the relevant financing proposal which could cover all needed measures for the launch of the effective municipal system of waste treatment.  

     Successful realization of the project in Lviv will help to put in place a wide range of European principles and standards of the integrated urban development in Ukraine. Moreover, Egis has added to its portfolio a considerable competence in waste sector of Ukraine which is suitable for all post-Soviet countries.