Egis Handed Over the Feasibility Study for the Construction of the First MBT Plant in Ukraine

On July 6, in Kyiv in the presence of Ambassador of France, representatives of EBRD, EIB and European delegation, the Study financed by the French Government was handed over to the Lviv City Council and representatives of the Ukrainian Government.

     As part of the Feasibility Study, Egis has developed a strategy for the management of municipal solid waste in Lviv and facilitated financing and tendering for the investments in municipal waste management infrastructure, including  waste sorting and mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) plants.     

     One of the most important and urgent tasks for Egis in this assignment was to develop a preliminary design for rehabilitation of the Hrybovychi landfill, which is estimated by some to contain up to 11 million cubic meters of waste, accumulated over 50 years, and covers an area of over 27 hectares.    

     Opening the ceremony of the official handover of the Feasibility study, Ambassador of France Isabelle Dumont congratulated the team of Egis with the completion of this unique and difficult project, which was performed in a timely and qualitative manner.

     In response, the Mayor of City of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi expressed his gratitude "for the fantastic cooperation with Egis, important support of the French government and personal contribution of the ambassador into the process of resolving the waste crisis in the city. As result of this cooperation, the city received funding for the first phase of construction of waste management infrastructure specified in the feasibility study. "

     In fact, the waste management strategy developed by Egis will place Lviv at the forefront in the application of the National Municipal Waste Management Strategy, aiming to increase recycling and reduce landfilling of waste. In general, it will have a very positive impact on reduction of environmental and health hazards, use of landfill space, recovery of materials and energy, and reduction in nuisance to the citizens of Lviv.


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