Egis OPRC practice was presented at the Ukrainian-Turkish forum

THE ROAD BUILDING INVESTMENT FORUM UKRAINE – TURKEY was held on 10th of October at Premiere Palace in Kyiv.

     The event was aimed to discuss important topics for both countries such as rehabilitating Ukraine's Road Infrastructure: challenges, trends, and prospects, planned common projects, road development program for 2018-2022, FIDIC practice, etc.

     EGIS Project Manager Oleh Zaviysky presented Output Performance-Based Road Contracts (OPRC) using an example of the section of M06 Road Kyiv-Chop in Lviv Oblast, which is conducted in an alliance with Turkish contractor company ONUR. It is one of the first OPRC contracts that has been successfully implemented in Ukraine over the past three years, which was initiated by the Government of Ukraine intented to implement a new approach to road maintenance.

     The questions highlighted by our speaker were the new methods of road maintenance, OPRC characteristics and main features, new incentives and risks for contractors. As he mentioned, currently contractor is paid not for the number of closed potholes, but for the result of his work and none of the pits should remain open due to the clearly set time limit indicated in the performance sheets.

     The audience was interested in the arrangement of road lighting as well, which was implemented in 27 settlements and enhanced road safety for road users. These works were performed taking into account modern technologies with the use of LED lamps, which positively affects the cost savings for electricity and maintenance.

     The successful implementation of the pilot project like this will enable to spread further OPRC contracting throughout Ukraine with involvement of the private sector in order to increase the level of road maintenance quality, apply innovations while reducing maintenance costs.