Egis presented the Corporate Development Plan for LutskTeplo

On May 30, in the framework of the "District Heating Project" implementation, a joint team of experts of Egis and the Municipal Development Institute presented a final version of the Corporate Development Plan for the municipal enterprise "Lutskteplo"

     The company's corporate development plan for the period of 2018-2021 is a result of two years of cooperation between the consultants and company’s employees and a kind of program for increasing of work efficiency and further development of the company. It includes the project activities that the company plans to implement, as well as a financing plan reflecting operating and capital expenditures for the period of 2018-2021.

     The application of this document in daily operations will allow LutskTeplo to return the status of a profitable enterprise and reduce or eliminate the need for financial support from the city budget.

Project Dossier

     During the meeting, more than 100 employees of Lutskteplo received from the project manager Etienne Drieux the certificates of participation in numerous trainings of Egis aimed at the effective implementation of all corporate development documents. He also noted that the work on the project in Lutsk gave Egis a comprehensive understanding of the field of corporate governance for state-owned enterprises in Ukraine.

     In response, the Director of Lutskteplo Valentina Malyutina emphasized that the realization of this project is very important for the company, as it is a guarantee of its successful daily operation, as well as a strategy for future development.