Egis presented its 2 waste-to-energy projects at III international EcoForum

On October 5-6, 2017 upon the initiative of the Ukrainian Association “Ukrvodokanalecology” and with the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine the International Environmental Forum “Water & Energy” was held in Lviv.

This event was aimed to raise issues related to drinking water supply, reforms in the environmental legislation, implementation of the high technologies of municipal wastewater treatment and use of secondary raw materials waste.

On the first day, Egis presented the project on biogas production at the treatment facilities in Lviv, financed by the EBRD, NEFCO and E5P funds. In the light of the general tendency to the energy efficiency and usage of the renewable sources of the energy, this first project in Ukraine caused a real interest from the technical directors of the main water supply and treatment companies of Ukraine. 

The next day during the session devoted to waste management issues Egis expert presented the project on rehabilitation of existing Hrybovychi landfill, funded by the French Government.  The realization of this project will allow to solve the social and environmental problem of the Lviv region, which has no landfill currently, and will outline an action plan in the field of the waste treatment for the whole Ukraine.

Given that last years Ukrainian municipal authorities are in the constant search for the effective technologies as well for the financing for the modernization of the worn out equipment  Egis experience in the implementation of these two significant projects is valuable both in the technical part and in the practice of attracting investments.