Egis Project in the waste management field brought together French and Ukrainian businesses in Lviv

     On 17 April 2018 on the initiative of Egis with the support of the French Embassy in Ukraine a meeting of French business representatives, Ukrainian municipal and private companies, representatives of local governance and state bureau Ukraine Invest was held to assess the perspectives of cooperation within the waste management market in Ukraine.

     Over a year ago, in response on Lviv City Mayor letter addressed to the French government Egis commenced working on preparation of the Feasibility Study of integrated solid waste management system, including waste collection, recovery and disposal facilities. Upon project completion the City will start implementation of a number of works for landfill rehabilitation, construction of waste sorting facility and improvement of MSW collection and sorting system. This pilot project opens great perspectives for the European companies with 20-years of experience in this field to enter the Ukrainian market.

     The French sector of SWM related services was represented by the following companies Afitex, Ortec, ArVal, Pellenc, Wessling, Menard and Suez. They presented their services to Lviv waste collection and waste managing companies GreenEra, GalPet, Ave, Lvivspetskomuntrans, Cement Plant - Mykolaivcement, producers of sorting equipment OlNova, management of Hrybovychi landfill operator Zbyranka, and Municipal enterprise Zelene Misto.

     Overall, during the meeting a number of important issues and proposals for establishing an integrated system of waste collection and management were discussed. The European partners raised questions on practicale steps and financing sources for the implementation of National Waste Management Strategy which set quite ambitious tasks to achieve. In the end, companies shared their contacts and discussed further steps for launching mutual projects.