Egis selected to supervise the rehabilitation of the district heating system of the city of Kharkiv

On 17 October 2017, Egis signed a contract with the Municipal District Heating Company of Kharkiv in order to perform services of technical supervision of the rehabilitation of several components of the urban district heating system.

The project is financed by the World Bank under the District Heating Rehabilitation Program for Ukraine.

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1.5 million and was one of the most industrial cities in the former Soviet Union, known for manufacturing of steam turbines, tractors, military equipment and other large-scale industrial products.

Taken the availability of excess heat from industrial plants with electricity and steam generation for their own needs, the district heating system has historically proven to be a mixture of a large central system and a significant number of small boiler houses. Within the framework of the project, 250 IHS will be installed, a reconstruction of about 25 km of heat networks and a re-equipment of 57 boiler-houses will be carried out.

The project provides a full range of works on design, supply, and installation of plants and includes the following scope of works:

  • elaboration all required design and other technical documentation;
  • execution of dismantling works of old (previously installed) heat exchangers and pipes
  • sections, valves, and other equipment;
  • supply and installation of IHS, auxiliary materials, and equipment;
  • construction and installation works;
  • commissioning of IHS and other.

In addition to it, the new automatic control system of technological processes (SCADA) will allow real-time monitoring of networks and increase the speed of response to emergency situations for almost 500 objects.

As a result of the implementation of all planned activities, it is expected to achieve considerable energy savings. In particular, the consumption of the thermal energy will be reduced up to 130 thousand Gcal per year; as per fuel economy savings, about 47 million nm3 per year will be reached. The reduction of electricity consumption thanks to the cogeneration is planned at the level of about 7,600 MW *g per year. The overall reduction of СО2 emissions will be 215 thousand tons per year.

This 4th contract in the field of district heating in Ukraine is the real acknowledgment of Egis leadership and expertise. Moreover, it allows Egis staff in Ukraine capitalizing on the experience received on the previous projects and delivering the best technological and contractual solutions responding to specific local requirements.