EGIS signs a new Contract with LvivElektroTrans!

     The EBRD Shareholder Special Fund provided by the Governments of various countries has provided the LME “Lvivelektrotrans” with a grant for technical assistance to the project Ukraine Public Transport Framework: Lviv Trolleybus Project - Project Implementation Support.

     Under the agreement, the Bank has allocated 450,000 euros for technical supervision of the reconstruction of electric depots on the Plomyslova l and Troleybusna Streets, for the reconstruction of contact network sections and technical support of the entire project.

     Egis has been selected to provide the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of procurement
  • Preparation of Procurement Documentation
  • Support during the procurement process
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Support during contract finalisation
  • Administration of the Contracts and Works supervision
  • Arrangement of timely disbursement under the contracts
  • Coordination of Third Parties
  • Support in ensuring compliance with the Finance Documents and other agreements

     The ultimate goal of the EBRD-funded UPTF is to support the development of reliable passenger transportation service.