Egis signs the supervision of the Ubisa-Shorapani Road Section (F3) of E-60 Highway, the biggest infrastructure project in Georgia

On July 8th, 2019, Egis signed a Consultancy Services Contract for the Supervision of Construction Works for Ubisa-Shorapani Road Section (F3) of E-60 Highway in Georgia, financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

     The Highway Section is the mountainous part of the East-West Motorway (E 60), around 180km West of Tbilisi. The Section is only 13 km long, but counts 9 double tunnels (from 300 m to 1,6 km length) and 27 bridges, 13 along carriageway Tbilisi – Argveta and 14 along carriageway Argveta – Tbilisi (from 33 m to 1200 m length). The Bridge of 1200m will be the longest and the most challenging one in Georgia! The project is currently the biggest infrastructure project implemented in the country.

     The primary objectives of the consulting services are:

  • Construction supervision: function as the FIDIC Engineer in administering the civil works contract in accordance with the above mentioned type of the Conditions of Contract and advise the Employer on all matters concerning implementation of the contract including, inter alia, quality control, work progress, and dispute resolution;
  • Project management: provide support to the Employer for environment and resettlement monitoring, road safety audits, technical and financial management.

     The Works Contract amounts to 350M USD, and will be implemented by a Chinese Company, and the supervision services amount to 8,5M USD. Egis, will carry out the services with its local strategic partner EMG.

     We are very proud of this success and wish a good luck to the whole team!