Egis started the new passenger services modernization project for Ukrzaliznytsya

The services have started on the project "Regional Passenger Services Modernization Project"

     To discuss the project details, financed by EIB - "Regional Passenger Services Modernization Project", the first meeting was held in the head office of “Ukrzaliznytsya” (Kyiv) on November 29 and subsequent missions took place in December and January in Dnipro and Zaporizhya

     The Government of Ukraine has published a list of measures to modernize the Ukrainian railway sector within the framework of the Association Agreement between Ukrainian government and the EU.

     It 2017 year-end, “Ukrzaliznytsya” contacted the EIB with request to consider the financing of a regional rolling stock modernization project with the investment cost of about 120 million euro.

     Over this project, COWI and Egis Ukraina will work in the consortium. In this project Egis will act as an international consultant and provide advisory services to develop feasibility study through the following tasks:

  • Development of an Inception Report
  • Perform demand forecast
  • Perform supply forecast
  • Recommend associated infrastructure improvements
  • Undertake a quantified Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study
  • Development a Financial Model

     In December end, Egis staff visited the Dnipro to meet with UZ and collect the initial data.