Egis Starts Work on the Project of Uch-Kurgan Hydropower Plant Modernization (Kyrgyzstan)

Supervision of Uch-Kurgan Hydropower Plant Modernization Project Implementation. Client: Government of Kyrgyzstan

The implementation of Uch-Kurgan Hydropower Plant Modernization Project in the Kyrgyz Republic aimed at rehabilitation of the ageing dam, powerhouse and equipment of the Uch-Kurgan scheme, has commenced. The expected contract period was from September 2019 to March 2025, however, due to the Covid-19, there was a delay.

The Uch-Kurgan Hydropower Plant (HPP) started commercial operation in 1962. It was the first installation in the Naryn River cascade and is used to produce baseload for the Kyrgyz Republic and export to Uzbekistan. The Kyrgyz Republic is Central Asia’s clean energy hub and supplies 90% of the region’s hydropower and, therefore, with a view of meeting present needs, HPP needs a major rehabilitation.

Reminding that in November 2019, the Asian Development Bank has approved funding of $100 million for the plant modernization. The Client is the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the contract, Egis International, Egis Eau in the consortium with EDF (Électricité de France S.A. is leader) work together on this project. The scope of Egis responsibilities covers the provision of technical assistance to the Electric Power Plant Project Implementation Unit in the implementation of the two turnkey contracts as well as project management and monitoring of realization. In particular, the company will be responsible for supporting PIU in project administration, design and engineering services, contract and claims management, procurement and expediting of equipment, materials control, an inspection of equipment before delivery, shipments, transportation, control over schedule and quality, pre-commissioning and completion, performance guarantee testing during construction and commissioning of the project and through the defects liability period.

Egis is proud of being a part of technical and operational performance improvement of the Uch-Kurgan Hydropower Plant that plays a critical role in regional energy security and reducing carbon footprint in Central Asia.