Egis starts to work on Tyup-Karakol Road Rehabilitation Project (Kyrgyz Republic)

Egis International will assist the project team with technical and economic due diligence, based on a review of the feasibility study performed by a local consultant for the northern section (104 km – 220 km) of Balykchy-Karakol ring road.

Egis commenced the Services on 15 September 2020 and will complete on or before 15 November 2020. During this period company will:

  • lead the analysis of alternatives;
  • provide recommendations for the detailed design.

The overall project is to be co-financed by concessional sovereign loans from a group of Middle-East financial institutions. The overall project is the rehabilitation of the 111.5 km long Balykchy-Karakol Road, comprising a section of the northern part of the Issyk-Kul Ring Road. The EBRD section (“the Project”) is the 32.2 km Tyup-Karakol Road section of the project, including financing the road rehabilitation works and the Contract Supervision Consultant’s services.

Karakol Road is of strategic importance for the country, linking the two cities of Balykchy and Karakol and their vicinities located in the eastern part of the Kyrgyz Republic along the northern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. The entire road has an asphalt concrete coating. The road has not been properly repaired for the last 30-35 years due to a lack of financing, making it highly dangerous. The section proposed for EBRD financing is of strategic importance for the whole Project, providing for direct cargo connectivity between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan via the Tyup-Kegen Road, which is currently being rehabilitated by the Government with World Bank (“WB”) financing.

Egis is proud to provide a contribution to the development of the infrastructure of the Kyrgyz Republic.