EGIS successfully accomplished the overhaul of the overpass across the railway near the Shchastya town (Luhansk region)

The overpass is located at km 68 + 910 of the national highway N-21 Starobelsk - Lugansk - Khrustalny - Makiivka - Donetsk (the route Stanitsa Luganskaya - Severodonetsk).

The overhaul of the overpass across the railway near the town of Schastie (Luhansk region) has been completed. Arnaud de Rugy, Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Egis Ukraina together with representatives of the Road Service in the Luhansk region and the contractor firm, checked the repair of the overpass and highly appreciated it.

The overpass has been officially opened on 25 November 2020 by the State Road Service of Luhansk Oblast.

The client of the project is UkrAutoDor. Egis experts provided construction supervision services from 17.04.2020 to 31.12.2021, the project was completed ahead of schedule by 1.5 months (in mid-November). The reconstruction object is in close proximity to the demarcation line, which added complexity and additional challenges during the period of work.

The completion of this project has confirmed productive cooperation with UkrAvtoDor and has become a great contribution to the development of the transport infrastructure of eastern Ukraine.