The EGIS Team in a mystery quest to Kaniv!

     Last weekend over 30 French & Ukrainian colleagues of Egis in Ukraine discovered only on Saturday morning the mystery destination of those 2 days of quest! – Kaniv and the memory of Taras Shevchenko. We actively rested, spent time together, paid tribute to the works of Taras Grigorovich, admired the unique nature of Ukraine and found inspiration for new achievements.

     5 teams had to compete between themselves during this quest of 150 km in length, be it for sport activities: biking through the woods, boating, walking, playing pétanque or swimming! Or for artistic activities: the poems in Shevchenko’s style are deserving international prizes! The sculpture of the poet in kavaleridze’s style will definitely be exhibited in Ukrainian Museums very soon.

     A warm thanks to all teams, who played the game with love and soul for those 2 days! And to the Organization Committee who prepared it with passion & care in every detail for long weeks. Thanks to all!