EGIS tests new trams for new Sykhiv line in Lviv

«The quality of all trams is checked by French engineering company Egis International»

The news was released by 24 Channel and

Lviv Public Transport Operator Lvivelektrotrans acquired the next tram – the 6th one up to now. 

"Each tram is undergone a 150-km running test. Up to date, five trams have passed this running test, while the sixth tram, which you saw today, will be tested as well. Moreover, each tramway will be checked thoroughly” - the chief engineer of the LCE "Lvivelektrotrans" Volodymyr Kovaliv assured us.

The quality of all trams are checked by French engineering company Egis International. Step-by-step they check each car component, and note that by now there are no major shortcomings found. However, even some chipping material or improper condensate separation mean a small minus to the manufacturer.

"There are small operations yet to be finalized, but nothing critical is left there. For example, window heater does not work and turn signals are misarranged at manual control. All these drawbacks will be eliminated, in other words this is exactly what the technical supervision is for,"- said Maxim Molchan, deputy project manager of Egis International.

"There are always some small flaws. Of course, I have found something, but it will not affect the service in general,” - said Jurgen Wax-Ebeling, Egis Rail expert.

During the day the tram was checked in the depot. While at night – it’s time for the test in motion. Next week, Lvivelektrotrans will receive the last 7th car. And starting mid-November, they all will take passengers on the new Sykhiv line.