The Final Press Conference of the information campaign of the Ministry of Infrastructure “Ukraine, slow down!” was held at December 11 in Lviv

EIB and EBRD will allocate 176 million euros for traffic safety improvement in Ukraine

     The European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will allocate 176 million euros for a new project to raise citizens' awareness of the road safety in Ukraine. This was announced by Jean-Eric de Zagon, the head of the European Investment Bank in Ukraine, during the final press conference of the informative campaign “Ukraine, slow down!” ". For the EIB it is a flagship project in the region, because it is the largest investment in the region - 176 million euros. The project will be implemented in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and the Dnipro - these cities were chosen among the first on the basis of the accident statistics and readiness to invest in road safety improvements.

     It should be recalled that in 2018, the Ministry of Infrastructure, with the support of European partners, developed and approved the National Transport Strategy by 2030. And, as Lidia Yelizarova, Head of Transport Security and Technical Regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure said, "one of the key points of this strategy is to reduce road injuries to zero by 2030". Also, the representative of the department reminded that now in Ukraine the Strategy for increasing road safety up to 2020 financed by the Road Fund is already being implemented in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure this year, 1.6 billion UAH will be directed to road safety, 2.5 billion UAH in 2019, and 3.4 billion UAH in 2020.

     "The campaign has shown that close cooperation with local authorities gives good results in the context of increasing citizens' awareness of traffic safety issues," added Ramona Lupu, Road Traffic and Communications Campaign Expert (Egis). She also emphasized the importance of the role of the media, which should be one of the key elements to facilitate policy change in this area, as well as mobilize communities to achieve better results in improving road safety.