Five Egis subsidiaries arrived in Ukraine for the training

On July 11-12th, the office of Egis in Ukraine held a training on the principles of preparation of tender documentation: "Preparing a winning proposal".

     Since Egis is an engineering and consulting company that works in Ukraine mainly for projects funded by the international financial institutions, the capability to prepare tender documentation properly can become the main competitive advantage of the company.

     Initially, the training was planned to be conducted solely as an on-job training for newly arrived specialists in the Tender Documentation, Engineering, and HR Units. However, information about training has given rise to genuine interest amongst the employees of other Egis subsidiaries. As a result, a delegation of the representatives of Egis in Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan came to Kyiv for training.

     The agenda of 2-day-training covered the following issues:

     Egis Code of ethics, mandatory stages in preparation of a tender offer, contractor and client knowledge review, consultants' search, work on technical aspects of the methodology, internal corporate communication, database management, and others.

     During two days of training, the international audience of specialists of Egis received a lot of important information, both technical and organizational, which they can use in their daily work. On the scale of the group of companies, such events will greatly increase the qualification level of the employees, the quality of the preparation of tender documentation and the average rating of the efficiency of Tender Unit.

     Moreover, the most important result of this kind of corporate event for a company of 13,800 employees all over the world is primarily the opportunity to meet with colleagues personally and get the most useful information in informal communication.