France and Ukraine are launching a project to modernize the drinking water supply system in Mariupol. Egis will provide the Technical and Financial Management

On July,13, the financial agreement was signed between the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the city of Mariupol, thus completing the last of the administrative and financial formalities required to start the Water Supply Improvement Project, financed by French Treasury.

The project aimed to achieve adequate water quality in Mariupol city that meets international standards. This 64 million EUR project is the initial stage of a major program for improving water and wastewater management, which should be developed on the basis of master plans in the field of water supply and sewerage by 2040.

Within the project, Egis specialists will act as a consultant and perform the following tasks:

  • Contract Supervision (Technical and Financial Management);

  • Project risk assessment;

  • Capacity building of Mariupol City Council and Mariupol Vodokanal;

  • Contractor control over timely and quality work execution.

Egis is proud to participate in the project that will contribute to improving the quality of life of Eastern Ukraine's inhabitants. To learn more, watch the press conference video of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine here.