International Investment Forum RE: THINK. Invest in Ukraine

On October 29, the first investment forum "RE: THINK. Invest in Ukraine" was launched in Mariupol on the initiative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

     The goal is to unite efforts to unlock Ukraine's investment potential.

     "RE: THINK. Invest in Ukraine" was attended by: investors and representatives from more than 45 countries; more than 100 CEOs directly making investment decisions; more than 70 companies with world names; more than 20 official delegations led by ministers and ambassadors from Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, other EU countries, Switzerland, Japan, the USA and Canada.

     Representatives of 17 international organizations participated in the forum, including: European Commission, IFC, World Bank, EBRD, European Investment Bank in Ukraine.

      On behalf of Egis, Arnaud de Rugy, Taras Mazyar and Maksym Svirskyi participated in the forum in order to meet with the top government officials and representatives of the regional and local administrations, the IFIs and the civil society and promote a creative and sustainable engineering for Ukraine.

     Mariupol is currently one of the key cities for investment in Ukraine. Egis, for its part, has signed this year 3 new projects in Mariupol: in the water and transport sectors.  In the frame of the Forum, a joint memorandum of understanding was signed between the City of Mariupol, the EIB and the French Government for the rehabilitation of the water infrastructure in the City, a project where Egis has been selected to advise the City and Mariupol Vodokanal.