The journalists were awarded for the best materials on road safety in Ukraine

On November 12, the European Investment Bank (EIB), together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, held a press briefing as part of the EIB-funded project `Modernization and Enhancement of Road Safety in Ukraine`.

     The tasks and results of the project were discussed by Arnaud de Rugy, Director of Egis Ukraine LLC; Eric Hoyrup, Project Team Leader; Per Mathiasen, Leading Transport Engineer (EIB Luxembourg), Johannes Baur, Head of Operations Section: Economic Cooperation, Energy, Infrastructure and Environment, the EU Delegation to Ukraine; Natalia Forsyuk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine; Oksana Savchuk, Chairperson of the Sub-committee on Traffic Safety and Transport Security of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure; Ilie Bricicaru, Project Expert on Road Safety Audit in Ukraine.

     The following issues were discussed during the meeting with journalists and industry experts:

• EIB's approach to improving road safety in Ukraine;

• future steps in the implementation of the road infrastructure safety law in Ukraine;

• priorities for road safety in Ukraine


     At the end of the meeting, the awarding ceremony of the journalists-winners of the competition "The Best Material on Road Safety in Ukraine" was held:

1st place - Marina Molka, Channel 24 journalist (Kyiv) for the video "How Many Ukrainians Die Without Safety Belt: Shocking Statistics".

2nd place - Sophia Skyba, the First Kryvyi Rih Channel journalist (Kryvyi Rih) for the article "Three years of expectations, nine accidents - the history of traffic lights near the hospital in Kryvyi Rih".

3rd place - Victor Kozoriz, Orion TV journalist (Kharkiv) for the article "Why is it dangerous to be a pedestrian in Ukraine?"

4th place - Oleksandr Halas, journalist (Odesa) for the article "Fasten your belts - life is more expensive!"

5th place - Anna Martyshchuk, ZIK journalist (Lviv) for the video "Lviv Children are Taught Patrol Security".


     The awardees received valuable prizes and promised to continue to pay attention to the problems of road safety in Ukraine in their work.


Arnaud de Rugy, Director of Egis Ukraine LLC

Eric Hoyrup, Project Team Leader