The kick-off meeting on the project «Kyiv Troeshina Rapid Transit (TRT) Project Technical and Economical Study»

     On July 31st was hold the kick-off meeting of the long-awaited Troyeshina Rapid Transit project!

     Egis, together with its partner ITP (UK), was selected by the World Bank, to conduct a feasibility study for the Troyeshina Rapid Transit project.

     The project will assess the feasibility to develop a mass rapid transit corridor, with the aim to bring Troyeshina closer to Kyiv City centre and significantly reduce the travel times by public transport for its inhabitants.

     Our team will study technically, financially and economically as one of the possible corridors the orbital route from Troyeshina to Solomianskyi districts through Pochayna and Syrec, amongst other routes. The mode of transport will also be studied, whether it should be a tramway or bus rapid transit.

     The project will mobilise the teams from the Egis International BU VRM and Egis Ukraina, for a duration of 10 months.