Lviv residents will be able to regulate the heating temperature independently

By the end of October 2021, 409 individual heating points (IHP) will be installed in residential buildings, schools, and kindergartens in the Sykhiv district of Lviv. To date, 76 IHP are in the works. By the end of October, it is planned to launch another 60 IHP.

The IHP will eliminate the concept of the “heating season” and will allow residents to independently regulate the temperature in their homes and have heat when needed. The project will help to save the heat resources of the city by 35-40%!

The installation of the ITP takes place within the framework of the project, which is being implemented by the "Lvivteploenergo". For the implementation of the project, EBRD has allocated 11 million 160 thousand euros of loans to the Lviv City within the framework of the priority investment program on the energy efficiency of the district heating infrastructure. Egis provides consultations within the project.

As a reminder, in June 2020, the Lviv City received the EBRD Gold Award for the best environmental and social practices. Egis participates in 7 out of 8 municipal winning projects.