Lviv tests new Sykhiv tram tracks

As planned, on 17 November the first tram with Sykhiv passengers will make its first trip to the city centre of Lviv.

On 10th of November, experts of Lvivelektrotrans Municipal Company conducted the Sykhiv tram launch test. Egis International provided technical supervision of contraction and rehabilitation works for the project.

As released by, and 24 channel news agencies, experts checked all the construction details: size and distance between platforms, speed on descents and ascents etc.

"We made sure that the tram reached the destination, that the track allows the tram to run, that voltage is provided correctly from the power supply network. Some working details still remain to be finished, but we have seen now that the tram arrived in Sykhiv successfully and so it will get to the city centre as well", - says Oleh Bereza, Director of Lvivavtodor Municipal Company.

Representatives of the contracting company «ONUR» reported that no critical nuances during the first test launch were found. In the following days, the line test will be continued: an electric line will be checked at its full capacity.

As noted earlier by Pierre-Yves Tessier, Chief Engineer of international engineering company «Egis», which carries out technical supervision of civil works, - the most important now is to finish the tram tracks, and then the contractor will complete minor flaws.

As a reminder: the first tram with passengers, on Sykhiv-City Center route, will make its first trip a week later, on 17th of November. Initially, the route will run from Soborna Square to Dovzhenko Cinema, and by the end of the year the trams will run to the terminus at Vernadsky street. Every day 13 trams will run to Sykhiv with intervals of 5-6 minutes, 7 of them are brand-new trams manufactured by Electron, and purchased in 2016. Travel schedule - from 6:11 to 00:05. According to Lvivelektrotrans, it will take 25-30 minutes for passengers to get from Sykhiv to the city center by tram.  

Construction of tram line to Sykhiv has been foreseen by the Lviv City Master Plan. In line with the Master Plan, the dual track route of 11,5 km has been built along Stusa street, throughout Chervona Kalyna avenue to Santa Barbara market.