New Contract for modernisation of water supply and waste water installations in Ternopil

On 20 April 2017, Egis started a new water project in Ukraine for the assistance with procurement and construction supervision for the rehabilitation of water supply and water sanitation installations in the City of Ternopil.

Ternopil is situated in the West of Ukraine and as all other cities in the once-Soviet country posses old and energy-consuming infrastructure. Namely most of water supply and sewage networks are functioning starting from 60s of last century and drastically need modernisation. 

Thanks to the 37 mln. USD investment of the World Bank and relying on the experience of Egis the Client is planning to substantially upgrade water and wastewater facilities with the use of modern technologies in 2015-2021.

It is foreseen that at the stage of pre-contract services the Consultant will assist the Client in procurement, design and installation of plant and equipment.  Assistance to the Client will also be provided at the stage of tender, evaluation of proposals, negotiations and signing of the Contract.

Then, from the moment the construction starts, Egis will perform Technical Supervision of the following work:

  • Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant, 3 wastewater pump stations and 2 water intakes, construction of sludge dewatering facility and iron removal plant.

After successful water projects in Artemovsk in 2010 and in Lviv in 2016 the project in Ternopil as a part of the full-scale Second Urban Infrastructure Projet will increases Egis competitiveness in the field and open up new prospects for development of one more long-range segment for consulting and engineering services of the Group in Ukraine.