The new contract on road corridor prioritization and financing has been signed by Egis on February, 1

Financed by World Bank Group with the amount of 180000 of USD this project has to assist Ukrainian government in identifying the needed funding to support operations and maintenance of the key roads.

Over the recent years, there has been a crisis of management in the road sector followed by the lack of a road development strategy, inadequate investment and maintenance funds for the network. This has been compounded by changing traffic patterns within politically unstable Eastern part of Ukraine. In the context of state owned enterprises reforms and improving the efficiency of public expenditure, the government plans to adopt legislation for strengthening of the Road Fund.

The contract has been signed on February, 1 of this year and it gives 7 months for the implementation of the 3 components:

  • preparation of a comprehensive financial framework
  • analysis of the scope for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects;
  • prioritization of road projects

Based on the in-depth survey Egis will select 10 projects in order of priority for prompt implementation and prepare full descriptions for each of them.