New Egis carried out project to modernize the transport sector in Ukraine

On the 6th of July, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Viktor Dovhan has been launched the Transport Model and Master Plan project in line with the National Transport Strategy 2030 approved recently by the Cabinets of Ministers.

     The 4,7 million euros’ project, financed by EU and carried out by the consortium of Egis and AplusS will be a catalyst for the creation of a modern transport sector in Ukraine. It will boost transport capabilities and build a national multi-modal transport model.

     Due to cover of all modes of transport this project is instrumental to the development of Ukraine's transportation infrastructure and focuses on the following objectives:

  • To ensure the mobility of people and goods at the best possible social and safety conditions; 
  • To ensure the planning of high-quality infrastructure with acceptable economic terms; 
  • To allow optimal capacity utilization of existing transport infrastructure; 
  • To promote operational harmonization and modality between different transport modes; 
  • To contribute to the implementation of transport activities in accordance with environmental and climate change requirements;
  • To contribute to the re-organisation of institutions involved in national transport planning and improved coordination between them. 

     The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Viktor Dovhan said: “Ukraine needs a clear and coherent transport model, as well as short and long-term investment programs. Based on a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian context and of EU transport priorities, the National Transport Model and Master Plan will be the basis for planning and implementing future investments and measures, crucially needed for the development of the transport sector in Ukraine and more broadly the economy of our country“.

     One of the most ambitious EU funded projects on the development of the transport plan of Ukraine is echoing Egis’s successes on recent developing the National Transport strategy and Prioritization of the roads corridors in Ukraine as well as the projects for transport plans for Greece, Cameroon, Tunisia, Bahrain, Belize or Turkey.