Positive results on road safety issues in EIB funded project „Modernization and Safety Improvements of the Road Network in Ukraine”

On 23 Jan 2019, the representatives of European Investment Bank (EIB), Egis International and the Ministry of Infrastructure convened for a kick down/closing conference to present the results of the project.

     The 3 year long EIB funded project had as key priorities the update of Road Design Standards & Norms, Road Accident Analysis, Road Infrastructure Safety Management, Management of Road Safety by Road Agency. An equally important component of the project was focused on safer road users communication campaigns.

     Based on the need to continue to assist the Ministry of Infrastructure, EIB decided to extend the project for a period of 5 months.

     The extended action plan consists of the following strategic actions designed to: 

  • Advance road safety policy changes;
  • Build Capacity for Safer Roads – improve institutional road safety management system; 
  • Improve the ability of NGOs working on road safety issues to advocate (inform and influence) change to policies, legislation and structures by targeting decision-makers; 
  • Strengthen the capacity of media to effectively report on road safety issues and promote policy and behavioural changes.