Road Safety Week started in Ukraine

New initiatives and activities organized collaboratively by the Ministry of Infrastructure, EIB technical assistance project implemented by Egis and the National Police

On November 14, 2016, Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, announced a launch of the Road Safety Week. Egis was presented at the briefing by Eric Hoyrup, Team Leader and Barbara Krol, Key Expert of EIB-funded "Modernization and Safety Improvements of the Road Network in Ukraine" TA project. Konstantin Bushuev, Deputy Chairman of National Police, also attended the event and presented the role and responsibilities of the police.

The Minister of Infrastructure announced that the program of Road Safety Week is scheduled with many important and diverse activities, including in particular as follows:

-   meeting of the interagency working group, co-chaired by V.Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure and I.Didenko, an Ukrainian MP to prepare concrete proposals on how to reduce traffic fatality rate on Ukrainian roads

-   international round table "International Rules and Standards in Transport Security. Challenges and Best Practices" with the support of the European Investment Bank and the European Commission

-   approval by Parliament of the Law on Road Fund for the state funding of the necessary road safety measures

-   as well as a launch of a social campaign to draw social attention to the problem of non-compliance with speed limits

The activities were organized in cooperation with MIU and EIB-funded "Modernization and Safety Improvements of the Road Network in Ukraine" TA project. Eric Hoyrup, Egis Project Team Leader clearly identified five major directions for the country to reach the European level of safety, particularly:

1. educational and awareness campaigns
2. enforcement
3. engineering relevant design standards of roads and road infrastructure
4. emergency and competent medical care
5. monitoring and evaluation of interaction efficiency of all mentioned factors

All participants of the briefing meeting confirmed by general consent that the main cause of accidents worldwide still remains speeding.

"This is a serious challenge. We have situation where on new-good roads, cars move at a speed of 150-200 km/h, swishing off everything on their way. We must stop this practice by introducing strict legal regulations and active enforcement by the National Police staff and other public authorities, and appropriate social campaign," emphasized Volodymyr Omelyan.

Finally, Barbara Krol, the project’s key project expert and developer of a social campaign on speed ‘face to face’, said at the end of the briefing: "All traffic participants in Ukraine realize the importance of traffic safety. Therefore, it is the key issue of this campaign. Our purpose is to draw attention of society to our campaign and save lives!"