Successful completion of AASISTS - EU funded project

On July 10, 2019, the AASISTS project has officially ended.

     A closing ceremony, was organized on the 9th in Premier Palace Rooftop, Kyiv. Thanking speeches from Deputy Minister Viktor Dovhan and Johannes Baur of the EU Delegation opened the reception. Our experts Olivier Oudin and Albert Bergonzo presented the main outcomes and results reached within the frame of the project. Representatives of mass media were also invited to cover the event.

     Almost 100 guests attended the celebration from project stakeholders to the Technical Assistance team. They were all provided with project materials and special giveaway gifts to remember the project!

     A very well deserved thank-you to the whole team for such an amazing work, which paves the way for a better future transport system in our country !

     Documents developed within the framework of the Project can be found at: