The very expected infrastructure project of Egis is launched in Lviv

This is one of the largest infrastructure projects implemented in Ukraine since the Independence Day

A new tram route 11.5 km length was opened in Lviv on November 17, 2016. It is linking the city center with the largest residential part of ​​the city - Sykhiv. The length of the newly built section is ​​11.5 km, the expected number of daily traffic - 48 thousand passengers, which will increase coverage of the city tram tracks to 50% and significantly reduce traffic congestion during peak hours.

The project consists of following three components:

-  construction of a tram track

-  rolling stock tram depot modernization

-  modernization of an old and construction of three new substations

The total budget of the project is 18.5 million euro funded by the EBRD, the German government and EU technical assistance and the city budget contributed the amount of 8.850 million euro. According to Andriy Sadovyi, City Mayor: "This is one of the largest infrastructure projects implemented in Ukraine since the Independence Day". The technical supervision of works on all three components was provided by experts from Egis Ukraina and Egis International engaged simultaneously in two infrastructure projects "Modernization of public transport in Lviv " and "Reconstruction of Lviv Roads".

Work on the design began in 2009 and had to be completed in summer 2012. However, unserviceable old collector, situated under the new tram track required changes in the design, sourcing additional funding for additional work on its replacement, and, consequently, led to postponement of the final stage of the project by May 2018.

However, despite the difficulties in implementation of this project it was successfully completed. Starting from today tens of thousands of residents of Lviv will be able to get to their destination faster. Thanks to quick and safe connections, the 100,000th densely-populated residential district will gradually be modernized in the center of business and administration activity, relieving thus the historical center. Egis can be justly proud of this important project, as it gave the possibility to show the greatest number of competences of company`s international and local experts, becoming a real example of its innovation and creativity, and obviously improving the quality of life of people and making it more comfortable.

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