Construction Supervision during Performance of the Works in the City of Kharkiv

Ukraine District Heating Energy Efficiency Project

     Ukraine has received financing from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of USD 382.0 million toward the cost of Ukraine District Heating Energy Efficiency Project.

Date: 10.09.2018 – 10.10.2020
Duration: 25 months
Client: Public Utility "Kharkivski Teplovi Merezhi"
Funding: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) - USD 750 000

Project overview

     The Public Utility "Kharkivski Teplovi Merezhi" plans to use the part of the funds to finance services of the Works Construction Supervision Consultant during the construction, modernization and reconstruction of the architectural, engineering, and communication networks in the City of Kharkiv.

Our missions

Within this project, the Egis team will responsible for:

  • ensuring the proper amount of the professional staff of construction supervision;
  • providing the quality check of the equipment and materials used in the performance of the works, according to the design and estimate documentation;
  • compliance with the scope of works and the amount of equipment and materials supplied to perform the necessary works in full;
  • compliance with Ukrainian legislation, building codes and regulations, rules of occupational health and safety while work performing;
  • providing technical and legal conclusions and recommendations for decision-making by the Client related to the increase (decrease) the volume of works performed and materials used.