Kiev traffic management project

Design, procurement, implementation support and contract supervision

     The city of Kyiv, facing fast rising traffic volumes, decided to design, supply, installation and maintenance of traffic management equipment systems (e.g., urban traffic control system, traffic lights, CCTV, and fibre optic cabling) to improve urban traffic and eliminate traffic congestion.

city of Kyiv
Date: 02.07.2009 – 30.06.2014
Duration: 60 months
Client: Municipal company “KyivDorService”

Project overview

     The project aims at improving automated speed control and enforcement, variable message signage, in-pavement traffic sensors, CCTV, rapid emergency response, and other dynamically control systems. This will allow KyivDorService to manage traffic more effectively, improve air quality through lower congestion levels, and improve road safety on some 20 km of the city’s main arteries.

Our missions

The assignment is divided into two distinct parts:

(a) Part One consists of preparation of tender launch for procurement of the active traffic management (“ATM”) system financed under the EBRD loan; and

(b) Part Two consists of tender (two-stage EBRD tender process) and project implementation support.

The role of Egis International is to assist KyivDorService to:

(1) at Stage 1:

  • identify the corridors and size the Project, assist to establish a Kyiv Traffic Management Unit (“KTMU”) to take on the responsibility to procure (under the Consultant’s guidance) test, operate and maintain the scheme;
  • prepare a functional design of the complementary traffic management components and traffic improvements to be financed by the Bank, the tender documents
  • prepare an Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Management Plan for the investments.

(2) at Stage 2:

  • support to tender processes;
  • assist with the consolidation of the KTMU within Kyivdorservice and staff training for new ATM system;
  • contract monitoring and supervision, assist with the Environmental Management Plan for the loan investments.