Lviv public transport project

Procurement, implementation support and contract supervision

The project is to support LvivElektroTrans in terms of procurement and contract supervision for the following goods and works:

  • Power Supply / Traction Power System: re-arranging traction power sections.
  • Depots: thermal insulation, heating system and machinery complete change/renewal.
  • Rolling Stock: Purchase of used tramcars. Refurbishing of present tramcars is the alternative solution.
  • IT investment: Electronic management/accounting system, dispatching system based on modern technologies.
Date: 27.11.09 – 30.06.2015
Duration: 67 months
Client: Municipal company «Lvivelectrotrans»

Project overview

     There are 9 tram routes in the city of Lviv with some 100 tram stops (unidirectional counting). To date Lvivelektrotrans has 2 tram depots, over 30 km of tram two-lane lines. 67-69 out of 194 tram cars are operated on a daily basis.

Our missions

  • Review of previous studies concerning the project.
  • Establishing, monitoring and updating of the Project Implementation Plan, including detailed Project Program, Procurement Plan, project budget, project risk matrix.
  • Review of the European market of the used rolling stock and advise on procurement and contracting strategy.
  • Support of tendering process and contract supervision.
  • Monitoring the environment and social issues in order to make sure that LvivElektroTrans and PIU are well informed of the environmental and social requirements and procedures, in compliance with the Loan Agreement between the EBRD and the Municipality, advise the PIU on how to adhere to these requirements.
  • On-the-job training through day-to-day consultations and assistance and skills transfer.