Lviv wastewater biogas

Project implementation support and engineering supervision

     The City of Lviv is the 7th largest city in Ukraine with a population of roughly 800,000 inhabitants, situated in the north-western part of Ukraine. The Company operates 1100 km of water networks, 17 water intakes located at the distances of 10 to 105 km from the City, and two WWTPs, which are located at each bank of the Poltva River (Baltic Sea basin) in the north-eastern part of the City. Both WWTPs provide the complete biological wastewater treatment with a total capacity of 490 thousand m3 per day (140 and 350 thousand m3 respectively) and working capacity of 460 thousand m3 per day servicing 760 thousand connected residential users and all the industrial companies located in the City. The WWTPs occupy the territory of 111 hectares. The total length of sewerage networks and collectors is 639.4 km, 185.5 km of which are dilapidated and fully amortised. The WWTPs were constructed in the 1960-70s, and the equipment is old and worn out apart from the equipment that was installed through the World Bank project and SIDA grant funding.

Date: 2017-2020
Client: Lviv Communal Enterprise “Lvivvodokanal”
Funding: The EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and Early Transition Countries Fund - total cost of the Project is estimated to be EUR 31.5 million

Project overview

     The overall objectives of the project are (i) to achieve significant energy savings through use of biogas received as a result of sludge digestion process for combined production of electricity and heat; (ii) improve sustainability of the Company operations; (iii) achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; (iv) reduce volume of sludge with corresponding positive effect on the environment; and (v) improve quality of wastewater going through Poland to the Baltic Sea basin (ensuring that the load to the Baltic Sea is not increased due to the internal load to WWTP resulting from digesters).

     The Project will have a significant demonstration effect in the region serving as an example of the introduction of innovative energy efficiency solutions with high environmental benefits.

Our missions

Within this project, the Egis team will responsible for:

  • rendering assistance to the Company in implementation of the Project, including all aspects of procurement, contract administration, engineering supervision and disbursement; 
  • ensuring the design principles for the Project (digester and other designs) are based on reliable baseline data related to incoming influent quality e.g. that those are based on measurements.
  • providing timely recommendations and reporting to the Company in the contract administration process;
  • assisting with the administration of the goods, works and supply and installation contracts and advising the Company with respect to all aspects which, in the Consultant’s professional judgment, may jeopardize the Project’s successful implementation and/or constitute violation of the contract conditions; 
  • if requested, the Consultant will be obliged to help the Company to provide the Bank with data, advice and information in relation to the contracts, which shall be impartial and take due regard of the best industry practices; and
  • provide technical support in the implementation of the Project to EBRD and NEFCO environmental and Social performance requirements including internal capacity building to assist in the timely delivery of the Project Environmental and Social Action Plan (“ESAP”).